Now us girls who look after are no professional hairdressers, yes we LOVE hair and are very lucky to try out some amazing products but as far as we know the word follicle just sounds like a French swearword. But I tell you what we are good at, and that’s stepping up to a challenge! So when we decided we wanted wavy, off- the beach hair we decided to take matters into our own hands…

Equipped with a tangle teezer, sectioning hair clips and a pair of Babyliss Tongs (24mm) we set out to achieve beach babe locks!

Stage one: Rid any knots by brushing hair thoroughly, preferably with a tangle teezer

Stage two: Divide hair into reasonable sized sections, we would recommend a minimum of six sections and a maximum of ten.

Stage three: Start at the top, with long hair try to start at the level where the bottom of your ear reaches. Wrap hair around the tong as many times as possible and hold the end. By doing this it will create a natural end point for the wave.

Stage four: Shake hair gently with your fingers to make the waves fall naturally creating a loose, beach wave style.

No, its not perfect but its certainly an easy-to-do style that looks great for daytime and evening glamour! If we can do it then you certainly can! Give this style a go and let us know how you got on by commenting in the box below- we’d love to know! xx

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Edward Jones

Edward Jones

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