Moroccanoil is a must have!

If you haven’t already got your very own bottle of Moroccanoil then purchase it immediately! I have only just been introduced to Moroccanoil but I’m so glad we’ve finally met and now it’s my favourite hair treatment ever, definitely one of those must have products you only find once in a while!

Moroccanoil can be used in all sorts of different ways, however whichever way you prefer will leave your hair feeling soft, silky and looking amazingly glossy. Great for if you’re a dye-addict and your hair needs rescuing, (like mine did!).

Here are some steps guiding you through how to apply Moroccanoil to your hair:

  • Firstly you will need to wash your hair as normal then towel/blow dry or leave it to dry naturally.
  • Leave your hair a bit damp and put a small amount of the oil onto your hand (about the size of a 10p coin)
  • Rub your palms together and run your hands through your hair focussing more on the bottom half of your hair.
  • Once you have applied the oil, dry your hair or leave to dry and style as normal.
  • Once styled for an extra glossy shine apply more of the oil onto your styled hair (small amount) this protects the hair and controls that dreaded frizz!
  • You can also add Moroccanoil to your hair before dying it to prepare your hair or even add a small amount to the actual dye for excellent protection.

For a step through guide watch the video below

 Click here to go to the Moroccanoil  products

If you’re already a fan of this oil or have just been introduced to it, is it now your must have product? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts & tips!

Lots of Love Beth xx






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