660b6983773bce09113f8d091f6fa06eJanuary has been a busy month here at HQhair. We’ve joined the Resolution Revolution, figured out our skin types and taken care of our skin care essentials, along with launching some new products and getting some of our favourites back in stock. Don’t panic if you missed out… here’s a round up of everything that the HQhair team have been up to throughout January!


This January, we decided to skip the New Year’s Resolution and instead, start a Resolution Revolution! Why make a pact to change something about ourselves every year, when we’re already awesome?! Instead, we made a pact to switch things up a little, from our hair styling to the colour of our lipstick. January isn’t about changing ourselves, it’s about spending the new year trying new things.

Awesome Honey Boo Boo


Our #HQHowTo series is filled with tutorials and tips on how to create different looks and deal with different situations… including a hangover! This month, we taught you how to get that always difficult winged liner look, and create a messy braid, perfect for when your hair just won’t do what you want it to!

hair gif


During the third week of the Resolution Revolution, we focused on skin care. Understanding your skin type and what ingredients it needs is key to making sure that you have the best base for make-up, so we created a ‘What Is My Skin Type?’ page. We also went through our skin care essentials for different skin types, from cleansers and toners to exfoliants and moisturisers. We also held a Twitter Chat with Magnitone where we talked all about how their cleansing brushes work. You can read all about it over on twitter by searching the hashtag #HQxMAGNITONE.

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This January, we launched Pixi’s famous Glow Tonic on HQhair! All of the girls here at the HQhair office were super excited about the launch, as we’ve all heard so much about it and know that the Glow Tonic is a blogger favourite. We sent out some samples to bloggers and they absolutely love it too! Here are a few snippets from their posts:

Pixi Glow Tonic

– Laura (www.chambrayandcurls.co.uk)

Pixi snippet 1

– Sally May Lewis (www.sallymaylewis.co.uk)

What did your January involve? Did you join the #RESOLUTIONREVOLUTION? Let us know over on Twitter and Instagram and tag @HQhair!

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