Louise Galvin

Here at HQHair.com we recently caught up with the lovely Louise Galvin to find out a little bit more about her Sacred Locks collection and to get some advice on common hair care concerns. Louise was engaging and helpful, and taught us loads about her sulphate-free hair products – here’s a bit of background to kick things off…

When Louise experienced problems with hair products that made her hair feel heavy and greasy, she knew that she had to take action. After researching the ingredients of these troublesome products, she discovered that the damage was down to harmful sulphates, silicone and parabens within the formulas. With a vision to create a range of hair care free from these harmful ingredients, her luxurious brand was born, and has gone from strength to strength ever since!

Louise Galvin

If you’re after some sound advice about how to care for your hair with the best quality products, then have a read through our #HQlovesLG Twitter chat – and don’t forget to check out the full Louise Galvin collection at HQHair!

HQ: What makes Louise Galvin haircare different?
LG: NO SILICONE so NO build up and no other chemical nasties, we want to achieve Luscious Locks – naturally!

HQ: We know Louise Galvin is loved by many, which famous faces (or locks) are big fans?
LG: Cara Delavigne, Eva Herzigova & British actress Emily Blunt all love Sacred Locks Fine and Thick & Curly collections

HQ: Is Louise Galvin #CrueltyFree?
LG: Our SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free formulations and NO animal testing mean Sacred Locks are kind to the environment and marine life too

HQ: My hair needs a little extra volume, what would you recommend?
LG: Try Sacred Locks Fine Hair collection with volumising vegetable proteins and NO SILICONE to weigh hair down

Louise Galvin Shampoo for Fine Hair

HQ: We know that your products contain veg protein, what benefit does this have?
LG: Wheat, soy and corn proteins not only strengthen hair but add volume vitality AND shine, improving hairs’ elasticity

HQ: My hair is damaged from years of colouring, what can you recommend?
LG: Sacred Locks Masques nourish hair to restore moisture & shine. Use twice a week for gorgeous shiny healthy hair

HQ: What foods can I eat to ensure my hair is as healthy as possible?
LG: Lots of iron-rich greens, eat a rainbow of vegetables and delicious proteins, eggs, fish and nuts

HQ: My hair tends to get greasy really easily, what products would you recommend?
LG: Use my gentle SLS free products, they will not over-activate the sebaceous gland so hair needs washing less often

HQ: I have really thick and curly hair, what products would work for me?
LG: Try my Sacred Locks Thick & Curly Range enriched with Ximenia Oil for smoothing curl definition. You can even leave a little masque in your hair to smooth frizz

Louise Galvin Treatment Masque for Thick or Curly Hair

HQ: What can we expect from @LGalvinHair in 2015?!
LG: You will definitely see more Gorgeous Shiny Healthy Hair – naturally! Very excited to be working with @HQhair in 2015 #HQLovesLG

Let us know how the Sacred Locks collection by Louise Galvin has helped to transform your hair in the comments below or on social using @Hqhair. Discover the full Louise Galvin range here at HQHair.com with free delivery options.

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