The Lawrence HallUs girls in the HQhair office are so impressed with Sadie Frost’s bikini body we felt obliged to blog about it!

The 44-year-old mother of four has been snapped looking toned and radiant whilst on holiday with her family in Ibiza. These photos have emerged in the same week that it was announced Jude Law, Frost’s ex has fathered another child with 24-year-old, American actress Miss Burke.

Wearing a tiny black bikini on a beach in Ibiza, Sadie’s looks have obviously benefited from her new clean lifestyle, it has been reported that Sadie has given up the boozy nights she was once so well known for.

HQhair’s beauty expert Jasmine says, “Sadie looks fantastic in her bikini, she has obviously been working out at the gym. Getting back into your bikini can be a really daunting thing, especially if you are in your forties. There are a number of great firming and toning products on the market that can help tighten loose skin and most importantly boost your beach body confidence! Check out Bliss’sfatgirl’ range, they have a number of products to reduce lumps and bumps!”

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Edward Jones

Edward Jones

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