The Urban Decay Naked 3 is now available to Pre-Order over on HQHair.

Released on the 21st December, this already highly coveted palette has had the blogapshere in a frenzy!

Featuring not 1 but 12 never before seen eyeshadows, Urban Decay really has got us going crazy for one of the beauty world’s biggest releases for 2013. Complete with a double ended brush for you to experiment your style with as well as samples of all 4 primer potions, we thought we’d break down this amazing new palette by shade to show you what everybody is getting excited for.

This year Urban Decay have taken on a more rose hued approach to their shadows. With much warmer, pinker tones that allow the Naked 3 to stand apart from it’s famous predecessors.


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The lightest shade from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Strange boasts a pale, neutral pink with a matte satin finish. A great shade for highlighting and adding light into your smokey eye look.


This preliminary shade provides you with a pale metallic shade. Dust takes on iridescent hues using a beautiful micro glitter. This is a lovely shade for highlighting under your brow.


Burnout adds peach notes with a light satin finish, great for blending into your crease to add some depth to your daytime look.


The first rose hued eyeshadow in the Naked 3 palette, Limit has a stunning matte finish with a light dusty rose hue. Perfect for hitting those romantic notes with your smokey eye.

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Adding some depth to the collection now, Buzz consists of a gorgeous metallic rose shimmer with silver micro glitter to really invite the light into your look.


This copper hued shade allows you to add some warmth to your eyes now, with Trick providing you with a light metallic pinky-copper shade containing tonal micro-sparkle.


The first true matte shade in the Naked 3, Nooner is a medium pinky brown that’s perfect for your deep daytime shade or great for building up an evening look.


Liar is a gorgeous mauve shimmer with a medium metallic finish. Great for adding shine as well as depth to your smokey eye.


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With it’s pinky-brown hues, Factory adds beautiful warmth to your look. Using a satin finish to add subtle light and shimmer to your eyes without being too overpowering.


A deep metallic taupe shade, Mugshot adds deep shimmer with a slight pink shift included to follow with the rose toned theme of the Naked 3.


Another satin eyeshadow within the Naked 3, Darkside features a deep taupe-mauve satin that can be worked as your deepest smokey eye colour or to build up in the crease of your eye.


The darkest shade from the Naked 3 palette, Blackheart features a smokey black matte finish with a beautiful rosy red micro sparkle for a warm, stunning twist.

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