The Best Eye Makeup Tips to Enhance Any Look

Your choice of eye makeup can completely alter your overall look. From a bold, bright look to a more natural shaded style, each works in its own way to enhance your eyes. We’ve put together some of our top eye makeup tips for a flawless look every time, intensifying your eyes to stand out, no matter your style!

Best Eye Makeup Tips

Tightline Your Lash Line

Working best on dedicated winged liner wearers, yet great for everyone, tightlining is a simple technique that should be essential. Helping to subtly define your eyes and making your lashes appear thicker, you simply lift your eyelid and trace a black kohl liner along. We recommend the Lottie London Longwear Kohl Eyeliner Pencil due to its rounded tip and gel-like formula for easy gliding.

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Use A Damp Brush

When applying eyeshadow, you can help to improve pigmentation for a bolder look with a touch of setting spray. Spritzing your eyeshadow brush before use helps to pick up more powder from the pan. Not only that, once applied, your colour should keep that ‘freshly-applied’ look for longer.

Frame with Highlighter

One of the best ways to enhance your eyes and leave them looking bigger is to frame them with highlighter. Using a universally flattering highlighter such as theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes widens them and helps the whites to appear brighter. This is also a great trick to use when you’re looking a little tired or not feeling too great.

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Be Tactical with Mascara

It may be easy to sweep on your mascara super quickly and head off, but being tactical can really emphasise your eyes. For example, switching to a brown mascara on your lower lashes will give you a softer, yet prettier look. Stick to black mascara on your top eyelashes, and draw attention to a strong winged liner look by only applying your mascara to your outer lashes.

Switch to Coloured Liner

Bolder eye looks can look amazing if you have the confidence to pull them off, which you should! Try swapping out your standard black liner for a coloured liner instead, or add an outline to your usual wing. The pop of colour will help to bring out colours which don’t usually stand out in your iris, so why not opt for a blue, green or purple shade?

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Use A Lid Primer

Another trick for longer lasting and brighter eyeshadow looks is to with a base. Covering your eyelid with an even layer of either an eyelid primer or a concealer first will give your shadows something to stick to. They’ll also work to neutralise any irregularities in colour, neutralising your lid to help get an even more flawless finish.

Highlight Your Brow Bone

Without a strong brow, your eyes can appear a little lost with your makeup. To emphasise your arch, try adding the ModelCo 2-in-1 Brow and Eye Highlighter Pencil beneath your brow bone. This particular pencil features both a matte shade and a shimmer shade, so use the shimmer with a bolder look, or switch to the matte for a more natural finish. Creamy, blendable and versatile, you can also use it on the inner corners of your eyes!