Serpentine GalleryGreat clothes, great job, great rock star boyfriend… we should really start to hate Alexa Chung but we just can’t help loving her and neither can America by the looks of things. It has recently been announced that the model turned TV presenter has just been signed up to host her new US MTV show for a second series.

According to The Sun, ratings for her New York based chat show, It’s On With Alexa, have tripled since her debut in May and she has bagged herself some pretty impressive guests including P Diddy (or whatever he calls himself), Sienna Miller and Diane Kruger to name just a few. America has also cottoned on to Alexa’s amazing style, the MTV show has a blog dedicated to Alex’s style.

Here at HQhair, we have raided our warehouse to find the products to steal her scruffy-glam style. HQhair’s resident beauty expert, Jasmine says “with Alexa it’s all about eyeliner, it’s very rare that you’ll see Alexa without her statement eyeliner-flick and this can be achieved very simply with a Bourjois Liner Feutre, its better than a normal eyeliner because it has a felt-tip, making it easier to create that flick”. Alexa has also recently been spotted wearing pale pink lipstick, “Alexa isn’t just quirky with her clothes she is also quirky with her make-up” says Jasmine, “by contrasting dark eyes with pale lips Alexa looks both rock-chick chic and feminine, I recommend Benefit’s Lipstick Gabbi in shade, ‘swoonderful’”.

When it comes to hair it’s no surprise that Alexa is bang on trend with this summer’s bob. Usually when girls have outgrown their bleached strands they look cheap yet Alexa looks so elegant. “The trick is to keep the hair looking healthy, and Alexa’s hair is always so shiny” says Jayne, HQhair resident hair expert, “when your hair is shiny you can get away with an untidy ‘do’ or as I like to call it bed head chic”. To achieve Alexa’s shine give GHD Shining Serum a-go, not only does it enhance shine it also protects from heat!

Do you know what, I think we do hate her after all!

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Edward Jones

Edward Jones

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