#WeAreInOurPrime Why Your 20’s Is The Prime Of Your Life

If there’s one thing that the girls on the HQhair team know about, it’s being in your 20’s. From our Marketing Manager and Content Writers to our Trading Manager, Buyers and Designers, the majority of the girls here at HQhair are in their 20’s. We’re saying it’s the Prime Of Our Lives, and here’s why.


I love the freedom of being young enough that I can get up and travel anywhere in the world on holiday, meet new people or start a new adventure and the fact I’m old enough to get all those adult perks like buying wine to drown my sorrows when the adventure doesn’t work out as I had planned.

– Annie, Trading Manager, 24.


My favourite thing about being in my 20’s is the ability to party all night with my friends ‘til sunrise!

– Caroline, Head of Trading, 23.


I love that I have complete control over my life. I work hard in a job that I love, I spend my weekends with friends that I love. I’m sensible enough to think realistically but still naive enough to dream big.

– Sally, Content Marketing Exec, 23.


Old enough to hold down a responsible job and earn a living. Young enough to spend the dollar irresponsibly.

– Amy, Senior PPC Exec, 24.

What’s your favourite thing about being in the prime of your life?



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