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Beauty Bad Habits. Are you Guilty?

Here at HQhair we’re not ones to judge. However, when we took to Twitter to discuss Beauty Bad Habits, we did find ourselves having a little tut and getting full use out of the ‘rolling eyes emoji’… You guys, what are you like? From not washing your face of an evening, to forgetting to replace that mascara; here’s the low down on what beauty bad habits we spotted in our Twitter timeline.

How can you stop succumbing to these beauty bad habits in the future though?

When it comes to the ol’ mascara and keeping your products for way past the use by date, the first step is to know your labels. You’ll notice on the back of your beauty products there’s a little symbol which looks like a round pot with the lid coming off the top, complete with a number and ‘M’ inside. This basically means that once you’ve opening a product you have ‘x’ months to use it up because it turns sour. Lipstick and mascara usually lasts 3-6 months, whereas blushers and eyeshadows may be used for up to 12 months. Every product will be different though, so add a note in your calendar to remind you when to replace your sacred stash.

Another bad habit which flooded our mentions was the pesky habit of not taking your make up off before bed. We feel ya. After a night out having a few too many Vimtos it can be easy to forget to remove your false eyelashes and perfect contour, but there’s also nothing worse than waking up with your eyelashes stuck together and a face which not even a snapchat filter could sort out. To solve this woe, simply prepare your night stand with the essentials before you head out.

  • Pint of water, check.
  • Pain killers, check.
  • Ready salted crisps, check.
  • Pixi Nourishing Cleansing face wipes, double check!

It seemed that when it came to haircare people fell in to two groups – those who washed their hair too often and those who lived off dry shampoo. When you fall in to a routine with your hair washing needs, it can be quite hard to break it. But perseverance can pay off. If you’re washing your hair every day, then start by skipping one day at a time. This way the natural oils will build up gradually and although you feel that your hair is akin to a grease pan the first few times, you will get used to that ‘second day’ feeling and you can wean yourself down to washing your hair around twice a week. If you’re a dry shampoo fanatic, be aware that using this wonder spray too often can be very drying on your hair and scalp.

What are your beauty bad habits? Let us know over on Twitter so that we can help you solve them!

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