I Got It From My Momma

I Got It From My Momma

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the gals at HQhair have been thinking about what traits our mums have passed onto us and how they have encouraged us to become the boss babes that we are today. We asked the gals at HQhair what they got from their mommas, here are some of their answers…

I Got It From My Momma: Social Butterfly

My mum is such a social butterfly, she’s always out for coffee with her friends! She’s definitely passed on this trait to me. – Beth Chester

That’s me! I’m in charge of all of HQhair’s social media channels, so if you ever see an Instagram story from London Fashion Week or a tweet from our latest shoot, then I’ll most probably be the face behind it. My mum is so sociable, she’s constantly out and about. I would definitely say that this is one of the traits that my mum has passed onto me, as I love hangin’ out with my gals and packing my weekends full of events and activities.

This Mother’s Day, I’m gonna be buying my mum the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, so that she can take time to relax and get the rest that she deserves! 

I Got It From My Momma: Ambition

I’ve always been ambitious from a young age. This is definitely something that’s been passed onto me by my mum, she’s so hardworking! – Shannon Greenway

Shannon is our Content Marketing Assistant, so she spends most of her time writing blogs here on the #HQHUB! Whether it’s filling you in on HQhair’s brand of the month or researching the newest beauty tips and tricks, Shannon is always on the lookout for the latest trends. She says that her hardworking nature definitely comes from her mum, who’s always encouraged Shannon to make the most out of each day. What a boss babe!

Shannon’s mum has super sensitive skin and because of that, she has to be careful with which products she uses. After trying the Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water, she was totally hooked! Since it’s her ultimate favourite and she’s currently running low on product, Shannon is going to be treating her mum to another.

I Got It From My Momma: Sass

My mum has taught me that it’s always important to be bold and brave, whether it’s speaking your mind or finally trying out that bright lipstick that you’ve been lustin’ after!  – Sally Lewis

Ever wonder who is the brains behind our campaigns? Well, that’s Sally! She’s constantly working on perfecting HQhair’s shoots and videos. Oh and did we mention that Sally is the ultimate sass queen!? Sally is always giving the gals at HQhair pep talks to ensure that we’re feeling motivated. Apparently, this sass comes from her mum who has always encouraged Sally to slay everyday!

Sally’s mum is always stealing her makeup. So, this Mother’s Day Sally is going to buying her mum the Illamasqua Chisel & Glow Highlight & Contour Set so she can get chiseled cheekbones without borrowing any of Sally’s makeup collection – result!

Now that we’ve discussed what we’ve got from our mommas, it’s time to get thinkin’ about what you should get for your momma this Mother’s Day! Need some inspo? Not a problem, head over to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide to make sure that your present preppin’ game is strong.


What have you got from your momma? Let us know over on our Twitter!




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