At Grow Gorgeous we know good hair. We know healthy hair is so much more than just how it looks but how it feels too and we’re here to help you achieve your best hair yet.
Lusting after long, luscious locks is no longer a faraway dream as we offer potent products that stimulate your scalp and nourish each strand enabling hair to grow at optimum speed and in beautiful health. We care about your hair inside and out!
We know how hair works and behind the brand is a whole lot of science with active ingredients and blended formulas specially created to make your hair grow long and strong, to build natural body and build your confidence. We know your hair is your crowning glory so let’s get to work on making it shine!
Grow Gorgeous is for visibly fuller, thicker and longer hair. The brand is built on a strong foundation of science and innovation and a genuine desire for healthy and beautiful hair. We have gone above and beyond when creating our products, using only the best ingredients and creating our very own unique formulations for each and every product.
Grow Gorgeous products complement every step of your hair care routine to help you achieve a beautiful head of hair for swish-worthy locks. From deeply nourishing and revitalising cleansing conditioners that are easy to use yet still incredibly luxurious, to our Strengthening Oil for reinforced hair fibres with a lustrous shine for styling and protection and our pampering hair masques that build body and intensely hydrate tired tresses.
We don’t believe in simply giving the appearance of healthy hair, we work with your hair to unlock its full potential and achieve optimum health. Why is this important? Healthy hair is not only strong, it’s shiny, full, and feels amazing.
We understand that a skincare routine shouldn’t stop at your forehead and our scalps should be treated to a little TLC too. A happy, healthy scalp is what makes your hair grow. Of course we’ve cut out sulphate from our products and our Cleansing Conditioners goes beyond any cleansing system and instead of stripping hair of natural oils our products reveal unbelievably soft, luxuriant and nourished hair.