Introducing New York City Ballet, a b-e-a-utiful collection of six soft and delightfully feminine shades from our favourite nail specialist OPI! The rich artistic history and the reputation that brings people from all over the world to watch each performance provided inspiration for the OPI team as well as the dancers, choreography and costumes at the New York City Ballet.

OPI Barre My Soul Nail Lacquer 15mlOPI Pirouette My Whistle Nail Lacquer 15mlOPI Care To Danse? Nail Lacquer 15mlOPI Don't Touch My Tutu! Nail Lacquer 15mlOPI You Callin' Me A Lyre? Nail Lacquer 15mlOPI My Pointe Exactly Nail Lacquer 15ml

The shades (left to right):

  • Barre My Soul – This sheer beige is utterly gorgeous and that’s the ‘naked’ truth! Perfect for a nude work friendly look, this soft hue adds a depth of colour to your nails.
  • Pirouette My Whistle – Add a touch of sparkle to your day! This perfectly glittery silver nail polish is great for summer parties!
  • Care to Danse? – This soft and delicate shade of lilac is up-to-the-minuet in fashion! A perfect colour for all you girly girls.
  • Don’t Touch My Tutu! – A super sophisticated and elegant shade. Hands off this wispy white – it’s all mine!
  • You Callin’ Me A Lyre? – Perfect for this season’s pastel trend, this adorable sheer pink is a summer essential.
  • My Pointe Exactly – See? This grey has been right all along! A desirable shade that will add a touch of elegance to your nails!

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I'm often referred to as 'the nail girl' because I love nail art - I have over 200 bottles of nail polish at home! But I love all things beauty; especially anything neon bright or packed with glitter. Growing up, I was a bit of a nerdy kid, so playing with colourful makeup or wacky hairstyles became my creative outlet - so it's great that this has become my job! You'll spot me at the bar, probably wearing sequins, drinking a Singapore Sling.

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