The Perfect Manicure with Mavala

Use a gentle varnish remover as you don’t want to strip the nails of their natural oils and moisture. Once the varnish is removed always wipe over the nails with cotton wool and water or wash your hands, as this will remove any residue from the remover.

Its always good to look after your cuticles, if they look overgrown, dry or ragged your finished manicure will not look good. Use cuticle remover once a week, never cut the cuticles as this leaves the body open to infection and makes them grow back thicker. Apply remover then after one minute take an orange stick wrapped in cotton wool and roll back the cuticles. If your cuticles are dry, thick, overgrown or ragged apply either an oil or cream every night to the area, it will work during the night to soften and nourish. For a extra treat apply the cream to fingers and toes before getting in the bath.

Once a week its a good idea to lightly buff the nails to smooth out any ridges or impurities, this will give you a better end result with your polish.

If applying a polish always use a good base coat to make the colour last longer and to also protect the nails from stains.

After the two coats of colour a top coat is needed as this not only makes it shiny but protects the colour from chipping. It will need to be re-applied every other day as with everyday activities the top coat wears away and leaves the colour prone to chipping.

Finish off the manicure with quick dry oil,  apply the dry oil lightly over your top coat to make it touch dry instantly then around the cuticle area as it contains cotton oil to hydrate and nourish cuticles.

Products used within this manicure

Mavala Mavapen Cuticle Oil

Mavala Cuticle Cream

Mavala Protective Base Coat 002

Mavala Colorfix

Mavala Mavadry


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