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#HQBeautyHacks : How to Give Bobby Pins Extra Grip

There is nothing more annoying than when you’ve got your hairstyle down, you get those bobby pins into place, and they slide right out again. We can’t be blamed for having super soft hair, but it is kinda annoying, right? Well we tried out a few different things and have got the perfect fix for how to give bobby pins extra grip!

How to Give Bobby Pins Extra Grip

We took to the studio with Charmie Jane to show you how to give bobby pins extra grip with two simple tips!

Step 1: Spray It!

Spray your bobby pins with hairspray, then set them to one side to dry a little. You want them to be a little tacky to touch.

Step 2: Style It

Whilst you’re waiting for the hairspray to set slightly, get your hair into the style you want. Charmie opted for a super cute side braid.

Step 3: Slide It

Slide your bobby pins in flat side up. For years we thought the bumpy side should be on top, but if you actually slide them in with the bumpy side against your head, you’ll get way more grip!

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Will you be using this #HQBeautyHack to give your bobby pins extra grip? Let us know over on Twitter & Instagram!



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