Whether you’re heading back to school, university or, you know, back to the 9-5, we’re taking this month as one to start afresh. Keep scrolling to see what this month’s September 2018 horoscope has in store.

September 2018 Horoscope


20 January – 18 February

Aquarius Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Aquarius quote of the month: “It takes two”

See ya at the crossroads, Aquarius, as this month is gonna be picking the tricky winner of head or heart.

Whether you’re stuck between two guys in a case of love or lust, or you’ve been offered a new position at work that could go one of two ways, this month is all about tackling a major decision. Don’t do it on the spur of the moment – take a few minutes, hours, or days to come to a conclusion that you know will work best for you.

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(19 February – 20 March)

Pisces Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Pisces quote of the month: “Dreams do come true”

You know that plan you’ve been dreaming of for the last few months? Better get believin’ as this is the month your dreams are gonna come true, Pisces.

Whether your endless refreshing of skyscanner comes up trumps or that person finally matches with you on Bumble, this month is all about making your dreams a reality.

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(21 March – 20 April)

Aries Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Aries quote of the month: “Holla’ for a dolla'”

It’s just been payday and, surprise surprise, you’re already skint. This month it’s all about money, whether you’re worried or seein’ changes.

Take a step back and really think about where your outgoings are being spent, and take a look at it. Do you really need Netflix, Prime and Now TV? Get your finances in order and you’ll be in a great position by the end of the year to make your goals all that more real.

Aries Product of the Month

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(20 April – 20 May)

Taurus Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Taurus quote of the month: “Backin’ up”

We know it might be a bit hard to realise, but you’re not always right, Taurus. Whether it’s your bestie or your better half, this month there’s gonna come the time that you’re going to have to back down, hold your hands up, and admit that just maybe you might have made a mistake.

There’s nothing to worry about, though. By letting the other person know that you value them enough to admit this concession, you’ll be closer than ever.

Taurus Product of the Month

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(21 May – 20 June)

Gemini Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Gemini quote of the month: “Best bae”

Always really with an excuse as to why you can’t commit, this just might be the month you’re about to start with some proper adulting and, you know, thinking of forever.

Whether it’s with bae or you’re about to open a Help to Buy ISA, there’s nothing wrong with thinking forward. That warm and cosy feeling? It’s not just the colder months’ clothing, it’s a vibe too.

Gemini Product of the Month

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(21 June – 22 July)

Cancer Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Cancer quote of the month: “Feel the heat”

Forget the weather forecast as we move into September, things are about to get hella hot up in here, Cancer. All the stars are pointing towards your house of romance, and we’re here for the spice it’s serving.

Let’s just say your summer of love might’ve been a bit of a late bloomer…

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(23 July – 22 August)

Leo Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Leo quote of the month: “Ch-ch-changin'”

If you wanted to chill this month Leo, we’ve got some bad news. There’s a lot goin’ on and it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. Where plenty of people are seeing this month as their time to start afresh, you might have to put things on hold as there are some pretty fundamental life changes about to go down.

But you know what? This isn’t bad at all. As things start to settle down towards the end of the month you’re gonna start feelin’ content and enjoying the vibe you’re about to head down.

Leo Product of the Month

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(23 August – 23 September)

Virgo Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Virgo quote of the month: “Good vibes only”

Everything’s coming up Virgo this month. Someone must be lookin’ out for you as it feels like everything is going right, and you’re absolutely loving it. Time to start using #blessed on insta yet?

Even if it feels like someone’s watching over you to make sure that your month goes well, just know that this is all thanks to werk you’ve been putting in the last few months and it was bound to pull off eventually.

Virgo Product of the Month

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(24 September – 23 October)

Libra Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Libra quote of the month: “Lovin’ life”


You’re on a real charm offensive RN, and everyone’s lovin’ your vibe. If you’re heading to uni for freshers’ week, then full expect to be life and soul of the party as your insta DMs become almost unmanageable as everyone’s asking you to come to their halls for the biggest party that night.

If you’re single, expect your love life to hot up (can we get a hell yeah?). In a relationship, forget routine as there’s gonna be some srsly spicy updates happening this September.

Libra Product of the Month

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(24 October -22 November)

Scorpio Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Scorpio quote of the month: “Wait a second'”

We know it can be hard, but don’t jump to conclusions just yet. There’s gonna be a bit of a bombshell this month from someone close to you, and it’ll be easy to kick off, but hold fire until you know all the facts.

It’s gonna take a lot of self-control, but by keepin’ things calm you’ll be able to see the story for as it is and make sure that things ride as smoothly as they can.

Scorpio Product of the Month

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(23 November – 23 December)

Sagittarius Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Sagittarius quote of the month: “It was acceptable in… 2016?”

#TBT gets real this month. Sagittarius, you’re about to have one hell of a flashback as someone from your past crashes straight into your present. You’re gonna be filled with an energy you remember from the nostalgia of the first time round, and this is gonna take you places you’ve always wanted.

Go with the flow – and the flashback – this September, as this blast from your past is just as fun as you remembered.

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(22 December – 19 January)

Capricorn Horoscope | HQhair Blog

Capricorn quote of the month: “Mood”

No, it’s not PMT, blame the stars for your tearful mood at the beginning of the month. Feel free to indulge in a Netflix binge at first, but listen to your emotions and see where they’re trying to push you – whoever’s in charge knows what they’re doing, after all.

Whether you’re feelin’ like it’s time to call time on that fake friendship or whether you’re simply just over putting in the overtime at work, listen to your gut as it knows a thing or two.

Capricorn Product of the Month

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