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Step up your skincare routine with the Liquid Gold range from the global leading skincare brand, Alpha-H. The Liquid Gold collection features the brand's hero product, the innovative, resurfacing treatment: Liquid Gold. Symbolic of the brand's successes, the Alpha-H Liquid Gold has established its status as a beauty 'cult' classic, with one being sold every single hour. However, this best-selling treatment is not the only product within the Liquid Gold range. This luxurious collection also includes an intensive night repair serum, a soothing and perfecting mask, a 24 hour moisture repair cream and luxe resurfacing body cloths, so no matter what your skincare needs may be, Alpha-H's Liquid Gold range will be able to offer you an effective solution. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold 

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold treatment combines the two potent ingredients of Glycolic Acid and Liquorice to improve the appearance of the skin by targeting fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and acne. This multi-tasking product also works to clear dead skin cells from the inside of the hair follicle to reduce the risk of unwanted ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Renowned for its impressive results, the Alpha-H Liquid Gold will firm skin, exfoliate, tighten enlarged pores, stimulate the skin's metabolism, reduce pigmentation and lessen the appearance of age spots and sun damage within just one use. 

How To Apply Alpha-H Liquid Gold: 

Step 1: Remove makeup and thoroughly clean your skin with your favourite cleanser. 

Step 2: Once your skin is clear, moisten a cotton pad with the Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Step 3: Apply the product all of over your face, neck and décolleté, avoiding your eye area.

Liquid Gold top tip: For a more intensive treatment, apply the formula and leave overnight without applying a night cream over the top. 

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