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This beautifully natural skin care company was founded in 2005 by two British Sisters, Rebecca and Clare Hopkins. The motivation behind the brand was to create a luxurious combination of pure grade essential oils and naturally active botanicals, to treat your face, hands and body softly and effectively.

Within the stunning range of products available, you’ll find a moisturiser, balm or face mask to treat all skin types and to give you incredible results every time. These fabulous skin care products will ensure that you combat signs of dry skin in the winter, oily skin in the warm summertime and aging skin all year round!

So, which products are right for me?

Anti-Ageing Skin Collection

If you haven't tried this brand before, why not target your fine lines or wrinkles with the fantastic anti-ageing skin care collection? This selection of products will enable you to trial a some incredible cleanser, balm, face oil, repair cream and facial expression filler to rejuvenate your skin. Products from this range would also make fantastic presents for your mum or for a loved one on a birthday or special occasion!

Super Protecting Hand Cream Set

If you suffer from dry skin and are keen to keep your hands protected at all times, then why not try the natural, super protecting hand cream set from this fantastic skin care brand? Transform your dry, cracking skin in to soft and beautifully delicate hands!

You can shop the full range here at, with free delivery and next day delivery options!

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