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Gone are the days of having to book an appointment and sit in a salon before a night out to achieve a bouncy blow-dry. Introducing: Pro Blo, the revolutionary at home product that volumizes hair and locks in your style for a perfectly bouncy, wavy blow dry.

So, How Do I Give Myself A Curly Blow Dry With Pro Blo?

We’re glad you asked! The very first thing you need to do is grab yourself one of the Pro Blo MEMEME kits. This set contains the CurlME, an innovative hair brush with a unique detachable barrel that allows you to leave hair wrapped around the ceramic barrel, clipped into place, to really set the style for a longer wearing wave. 

Simply brush clean, wet hair through, and use a root boosting spray or mousse to add volume. Section off the hair and attach the barrel to your CurlME brush. Brush the section through, blow drying as you go, preferably with a nozzle on your hairdryer to direct the heat towards your hair. Wrap the section of hair around the barrel, add a spritz of hairspray and clip into place. Repeat on all sections of the hair and then wait until the barrels have cooled.

Take the barrels out by removing the clips, lifting the barrels upwards slightly, then unwrap the hair from them. Use a lightweight serum to smooth out your hair, run your fingers through the curls to separate them slightly, then add another spritz of hairspray. You’re bouncy and good to go!

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