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Hair loss in women is a common worry, however the Nioxin range of haircare has been specifically formulated to ease hair loss concerns and combat the causes of hair thinning. The brand's use of innovative, advanced technologies such as Nioxin's 3-Part System, makes this brand's products highly-effective and trusted worldwide. Nioxin take the time to truly understand the known factors and reasons behind hair thinning and apply these to the creation of their products.

What are Nioxin products good for hair loss?

Nioxin products are ideal for those who are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. There are multiple reasons as to why someone may suffer with hair loss, including genetic factors, stresses or trauma, health, environmental issues, medication or nutrition and diet. Nioxin offers a customized solution for every hair loss concern. 

Deep Repair Hair Masque

If you're looking for something a little more intense, why not try the Intensive Treatment, Deep Repair Hair Masque - a nourishing strengthening product for coloured or damaged hair? Perfectly lightweight and effective, your hair will feel luscious and full of moisture in no time, so you can change your style and colour as often as you like!

Nioxin Night Density Rescue

Nioxin Night Density Rescue is an over night serum which aids hair loss concerns whilst you sleep. Applying directly to your scalp, you can ensure that hair density is promoted over 3 months and beyond. If hair fall is associated with scalp surface oxidation, Night Density Rescue from Nioxin contains a powerful blend of antioxidants within the formula, which are known to neutralise free radicals - further preventing hair loss in women.

How do Nioxin products work?

Nioxin products feature a number of advanced technologies that work to combat the causes of hair thinning and hair loss.

Activ-Renewal: A combination of white tea extract, peppermint oil and other cleansing agents help to properly cleanse the scalp and provide you with an ideal environment for potential hair growth. 

Glyco-Shield: White tea extract, peppermint oil and protective conditioning agents work to protect colour treated hair and balance the moisture within the hair. These potent ingredients will also leave your scalp feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Scalp Access Delivery System: Vitamins, botanicals, SPF 15 and other purifying agents help to clean sebum and environmental residue from the scalp, whilst protecting this skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Transactive Delivery System: Botanicals, antioxidants and purifying agents help to clean anyway residue from the scalp and leave you with a refreshed feeling.

Smoothplex: Silk amino acids, kukui nut oil and protective conditioning agents help to provide moisture balance to the hair and reduce hair breakage and loss by strengthening each strand. 

Bioamp: Cystine amino acids and lightweight conditioning ingredients work to increase the fullness of each hair strand, thickening hair and therefore combating signs of hair breakage. 

Nioxin Cleanse: The Nioxin cleanser removes any follicle-clogging oil, fatty acids and environmental residue from the scalp to leave your scalp feeling fresh and rejuvenated.  

Nioxin Optimize: The Nioxin Scalp Therapy conditioners help to balance the hydration levels within the hair and therefore provide the hair with resilience, ensuring that each hair strand is strong and healthy. 

Nioxin Treat: The Nioxin Scalp Treatments contain both antioxidants and botanicals which work to refresh the scalp and leave it feeling clean. 

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