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'Potent, Patented and Proven to Transform Your Skin'

StriVectin is a high-performance skin care brand committed to taking the latest developments in scientific technology and creating new innovative formulations that truly transform your skin. All products contain the same vital ingredient, NIA-114; an advanced form of Niacin that targets many of the visible signs of aging by intensely nourishing the skin and delivering a radiant complexion. This breakthrough molecule is unique to the brand and is scientifically proven to reinvigorate the skin's surface, strengthen the moisture barrier, prevent dehydration and fight against damaging environmental factors. NIA-114 has also been shown to increase the effectiveness of the other skin-caring ingredients.

The science may be complicated but the results are simple. This brand has curated an efficacious anti-aging skin care regime including products that are not only suitable for all skin-types but also non-comedogenic and free of parabens and sulfates. With specialised collections, we have a product to treat every skin concern, so get your latest skin care solution now from with free delivery options.


Targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, with an added collagen complex for increased fullness, giving younger, fresher looking skin. Look for the pink stripe.

Tighten & Lift

These products are designed to improve the skin's elasticity. Skin will be visibly tighter and firmer giving a a more lifted and sculpted silhouette. Look for the yellow stripe.

Brighten & Perfect

Specifically designed for those with uneven skintone, this formula includes skin-brightening ingredients to clarify and boost radiance. Skin appears brighter and more even. Look for the blue stripe.

Multi-Action Advanced Retinol

A multipurpose formulation that targets all the visible signs of aging. Retinol is added to increase hydration and reduce the look of wrinkles giving you smoother, younger-looking skin. Look for the purple stripe.

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