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If you like to drink bubble tea concoctions, then you need to try Bubble T bath products! The Asian drink has gained a wide span of fans all across the globe, and now it’s time for this range of body care products to follow in its footsteps. Like the drink, these products contain an infusion of tea and fruit extracts to make them as fragrant and as indulgent as possible, all to leave you feeling nice and fresh after your cleansing routine. As a staple part of many lifestyles all over the world, the brand recognised that tea contains many beneficial properties, and that they could make the most of these perks to create an effective range of bath products with a difference.

As well as being a delicious drink, tea can speed up your blood circulation, aid your sleep and equally help to energise you. Within this indulgent range of body care products, tea is blended with a selection of effective ingredients to hydrate and cleanse your skin, as well as to leave you smelling wonderfully fresh. Using fragrant natural ingredients including shea butter, almond oil, lemon extract and peppermint extract, these bath and body care products will leave you feeling fully revitalised. Plus, the brand commits to leaving parabens and sulphates out of all of their formulas, so that you can clean up both your conscience and your skin at the same time. Try out an aromatic bath bomb, shower gel or body cream from this varied range and save with free delivery options at HQHair.com.

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