Wella Color Fresh

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A step above the rest, Wella Colour Fresh provides you with superb, professional results tailored to your specific shade.Recognising that not all blondes, red heads and brunettes are the same, each of these products is designed specifically for your shade, so whether you're a golden or white blonde, auburn or bright red or have light or dark brunette locks, you'll have a treatment that matches your shade.

What Is Wella Color Fresh?

Wella Color Fresh is a semi-permanent hair dye with acidic pH value. This innovative hair colour will help you to achieve gentle colour effects, refresh your permanent colour and help to even out any unwanted tones. With no ammonia or peroxide, the Wella Color Fresh is extremley gentle on your hair and will eventually wash out completely. 

How To Use Wella Color Fresh:

Step 1: Put on gloves to protect your hands from any colour transfer. 
Step 2: Apply the colour directly onto your hair, ensuring that the colour is evenly distributed. 
Step 3: Comb through your hair from root to tip. 
Step 4: Allow the product to develop for approximately 20 minutes.
Step 6: Rinse thoroughly with warm water until the water is completely clear. 

How Long Does Wella Color Fresh Last?

Wella Color Fresh lasts up to 10 shampoos. 

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