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Believe it or not, the founder and creator of Max Factor was actually called Max Factor! Born in Russia, and emigrating to America, Max Factor settled in LA and began working with Hollywood's biggest stars. After seeing a motion picture for the first time, Max described the heavy greasepaint as 'terrifying!' and set out to create the first make-up for film that makes the actors appear more human. In 1920, Max Factor invented the word 'Make-up' and created a range called 'Society Make-up' for the general public; women could now emulate the looks of their favourite movie stars. 

Fast forward 95 years, and Max Factor is still on the lips, eyes and cheeks of women everywhere. From long wearing multi-tasking foundations such as the Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation and Colour Corrector Sticks to target any unwanted tones on the skin, to show stopping lash and lip products like the Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara and bold, bright, longwearing Lipfinity lip colours, Max Factor is created to make sure that possessing glamour is something every woman can do. 

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