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Everyone needs a great hair dryer whether you are blow-drying, barrel curling, or setting; a powerful dryer with multi-heat settings need not be a treasure hunt anymore. We are happy to supply an extensive range of hair dryers, from great value essentials to top-of-the-range salon professional brands. Our brands include Babyliss, Parlux, ghd and Corioliss to cater for every hair drying need. Try our range of blow dry and straightening styling products to aid sleeker styles.

Investing in a decent hair dryer is definitely worth it, if for nothing else but power. Power, speed and heat settings are the most crucial elements to ensure you get the style required. A professional hair dryer should provide two or more heat settings (including a cool air option), ionic technology, a powerful motor with a high wattage, diffusion nozzle, directional nozzle and a swivel cord for good measure. All the elements supplied, so that you can achieve salon perfect hair in the comfort of your own home. Have fun and experiment with the vast range of hair dryers we have at HQhair.

The science

Ionic technology is relatively new advancement in the hair dryer history. It promises a less damaging drying experience, contributing to healthier hair while styling. How it works: Positive and negative ions exist in all substances, but the way the Ionic hairdryer works is to add negative ions to already positively charged hair, by doing this it encourages the water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair, trapping moisture at the core and boosting the health and hydration of the hair. Thus giving you shiny, bouncy hair that looks a lot healthier than with a normal hair dryer.

Top Picks

We supply a range of premium brands such as the award winning Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer, known for its compact model size and the introduction of the K-Lamination motor which is lighter and more durable than ever. Useful for travel, this colourful portable hair dryer is very lightweight making it a favourite in salons and homes, reducing fatigue found with heavier hair dryers.

The ghd Air Hair Dryer, has the magical ionic technology, boosting the hairs health and moisture levels. A more robust model, the ghd hair dryer takes no prisoners and will offer a wide range of temperature settings including a cool shot feature; two concentrator nozzles and a whopping 2100 watt AC motor.

And last but not least the Wahl Powerdry 2000W Hair Dryer; on the lower end budget wise this handy hair dryer has three heat settings and two speed settings, giving you plenty of variety for a collection of long and short hairstyles.

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