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With the ethos and mission of 'Perfecting Beauty Science', Ingenious Beauty strive to deliver the most effective skincare products around. How do they do this? By looking at your skincare and beauty regime as a whole, rather than trying to sell the dream of perfect skin with a topical treatment. Ensuring you have a healthy lifestyle, the right supplements and skincare that works for you will result in your best skin yet. Ingenious Beauty include only ingredients that will benefit your health and skin, everything they use has a purpose. 

How Do The Ultimate Collagen+ Capsules Work?

Ultimate Collagen+ is the only collagen peptide supplement on the market with a globally patented delivery system to ensure maximum bio-absorption. Their innovative capsule is made up of natural cellulose, yet it is resistant to the acid in your stomach which means the capsule opens and releases it's ingredients once it reaches the small intestine, ensuring your body absorbs it effectively.

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