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Originally created as personalised skincare for professional athletes, Skin Authority use natural ingredient technology for safe yet effective results. Each product was designed to provide instant gratification, quickly catching on and making the brand more popular. The products have the ability to improve the skins appearance upon application for an instant confident boost and leaving long lasting results too! They are also paraben, added dye, fragrance and cruelty-free. 

Skin Authority Coffee Almond Scrub

You know how good a morning cup of coffee can make you feel, but have you ever wondered what it can do for your skin? The Skin Authority Coffee Almond Scrub invigorates the skin, leaving it hydrated and moisturised with a healthy glow. Made with finely crushed coffee and almond pieces to exfoliate, it softens the appearance of skin and calms irritation. You’ll be left with an incredibly soft complexion almost instantly!

Skin Authority Beauty Infusion™ Quinoa & Avocado for Hydrating

The Skin Authority Beauty Infusion™ Quinoa & Avocado for Hydrating drops are fast absorbing and non-greasy, made to replenish and rejuvenate thirsty complexions. You can either use them alone or mix into your foundation or skincare products to provide intense moisture and improve skin texture for soft, smooth skin. 

Skin Authority Brightening Serum

The Skin Authority Brightening Serum is a lightweight serum which reduces spots, evens skin tone and fights hyperpigmentation. Containing natural AHA exfoliators, your skin will be left with a smooth texture and a luminous, clear complexion. Only naturally derived brightening agents are used which also hydrate and moisturise. This product is also safe to use when pregnant or nursing.

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