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Founded in the 1950s by a hospital dermatologist in Paris, Embryolisse have more than 60 years experience in skincare and dermo-cosmetics. The aim of the brand is to create simple formulas that respect the 'natural barrier' properties of the skin, whilst providing anti-aging benefits and remaining safe for even the most irritable and sensitive skin types. The benefits of this minimalistic approach make this brand a firm favourite with mothers, daughters, and grandaughters alike, and their famous Lait-Crème Concentré (a three-in-one moisturiser, primer and makeup remover) has achieved cult status amongst makeup artists and models worldwide. Recommended by dermatologists, and with thousands of devoted fans worldwide, the range incorporates everything you could need in your skincare routine; from face creams and eye care to lip balms and body lotions. Their combination of extensive pharmaceutical experience with up-to-date scientific research about skin surface physiology and bacteriology, gives the brand an edge when it comes to understanding skin behaviour. All the products are dermatologically tested for their effectiveness and safety, and will be a welcomed addition to any skincare routine, whether you're dry, oily, sensitive or combination. Find your new favourite skincare at HQHair.com with free delivery options.

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