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Founded by Carol Cole, NuFACE was created with micro-current technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst improving skin tone. As the only FDA-cleared, handheld facial toning devices clinically proven to improve facial contour, they are the ultimate solution for ageing skin. By gently stimulating for an improved appearance, it tones facial muscles for better texture and a youthful appearance. Complete with easily adjustable settings, you can change the frequency of pulsations for a specific treatment perfect for your skin, essentially exercising your face. Taking only 5 minutes, this pain free treatment creates similar results to a face lift! 

NuFACE Gel Primer

The NuFACE Gel Primer is a lightweight, water-based gel designed to ensure maximum micro-current conductivity for optimum results. Suitable for all skin types, it allows the device to glide across the skin easily and removing it once your treatment is complete is almost effortless. It’s also paraben, dye, salt and fragrance free!
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