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Designed and tested by experts, upgrade your tanning routine with Bronzie’s luxury tanning accessories. Achieve an effortlessly smooth and even finish, with no streaks or patchiness! Self tanning lovers, Bronzie’s tanning accessories are an absolute must have!

How To Expertly Tan Your Back

Tanning those hard to reach places, especially your back, can be kinda tricky… trust us, we’ve been there! With the Bronzie Got Your Back 3-In-1 Tanning Mitt, making sure that your back is evenly tanned has never been easier. Halve your tanning time by ditching the tanning gloves or usual mitt and trying out this revolutionary 3-in-1 tanning mitt.
Made from luxurious velour for optimum skin comfort and even application, the two mitt ends are perfect for body, and the long middle section makes application on your back and other hard to reach areas easier than ever.
You can use this mitt with any tanning product, whether it’s a mousse, gel, spray or cream, and Bronzie’s Mitt is washable!

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