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Grow Gorgeous believe that achieving long and healthy hair comes not only from what you use in the shower, but also how you treat it and what you expose your locks to everyday. From external aggressors to everyday styling, brushing and heat damage to environmental factors and UV pollution, caring for the lengths of your hair  has been made simple with the Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends Serum and Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil

How Can I Stop Slit Ends?

Split ends are the most common concern for women when it comes to the overall look and feel of the hair, however, Grow Gorgeous have two specific products that work to combat this issue: 

Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends Serum 

End Split Ends Serum targets and treats this exact problem with a nourishing yet lightweight serum. Infused with a rich, exotic blend of Amazonian oils, including acai, palm and inca inchi, the leave-in split end treatment will seal split ends without making your hair feel greasy or sticky and reinforces the outer layers of the hair’s cuticle to repair hair.

Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil 

Stressed-out hair can become dry and brittle making the cuticle weak and prone to breakage. Hair won’t ever grow long if it’s not in its best condition to keep it from snapping. The Strengthening Oil works to keep hair strong, healthy and protected and nourishes fragile strands so it is strong enough to stand up to everyday styling and air pollution.

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