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The brains over at Inhibitif know the efforts and the lengths that we can go to in order to get rid of unwanted hair. They say “removing hair is a pain. Do it less often.” With this in mind they set out to create a range of products that really work to reduce the appearance of unwanted body hair with long lasting results. Each cream and serum works to target hair follicles and slow down the rate of hair growth, as well as reduce the visible density of those unwanted hairs. The products contain a mix of active ingredients including natural Maize Propanediol and Aloe, all in extremely high concentrations for the most effective results. To get the ultimate hair removal appearance, apply the serum evenly twice a day – you’ll be able to see results after 4-8 weeks, but apply for 2 months to really banish the appearance of hairs!

This innovative brand have thought of a serum to target all areas of body hair. If it’s facial hair that you’re keen to reduce, then try out the Hair-Free Face Serum as part of your normal skin care routine. If you’re looking to decrease underarm hair removal with endless shaving, then try out the Hair-Free Deodorant Kinetic Energy – it will help to fight odour as well as reduce hair growth! If you’re simply longing for smooth skin all over your body, then apply the Hair-Free Body Serum and cut constant hair removal for good. Perfect when you want to prepare for the sunny summer months, or when you just want a bit of a confidence booster when you bare some skin, these serums will change your hair removal routine once and for all. Get yours now at with free delivery options.

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