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The O’right collection at HQhair will allow you to care for your hair and the environment at the same time. Featuring a range of shampoos, conditioners and styling essentials, the products in the O’right range are formulated using certified organic ingredients, natural plant extracts, botanicals and essential oils, whilst being as green and eco-friendly as possible. Not only are the products kind to the environment, they’ll also naturally benefit your hair.

O’right create products which are natural, pure and sustainable, without compromising on quality. Founded in Taiwan in 2002 by Steven Ko, O’right created ‘Tree in a Bottle’, the world’s most eco-friendly shampoo in 2011, which allows you to plant the bottle after use and watch the Taiwanese acacia seeds grow into a tree over time.

The world’s first cosmetic company to be certified as ‘carbon neutral’, O’right use recyclable and biodegradable bottles, as well as non-toxic soy ink printing for all their packaging. Everything from their materials, ingredients, designs and business processes are sustainable and non-impactful on the world we live in.

What is the O’right Green Tea Tree in a Bottle Shampoo?

Specially formulated for normal or slightly damaged hair, this eco-friendly shampoo is formulated with 96% natural ingredients to gently cleanse away impurities. Rich in antioxidants which will protect your hair, the shampoo is made using certified organic green tea and foaming agents to prevent oxidation caused by chemical treatments and maintain a healthy scalp.

However, the unique selling point of this shampoo is the fact that the biodegradable plastic bottle comes pre-loaded with Taiwanese acacia seeds in the bottom. Once you’ve used up all the shampoo, simply plant the bottle in the ground – as the bottle breaks down, the organic plastic becomes the fertiliser that nourishes the seeds and helps them grow into a tree. This fantastic shampoo is the world’s only beauty product that will yield a negative carbon footprint from manufacturing right through to disposal.

Which O’right products are best for coloured hair?

O’right’s Purple Rose Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for colour-treated tresses. Boasting botanical colour care formulas, the Purple Rose products will cleanse and nourish your hair whilst preserving colour vibrancy and increasing your hair’s moisture levels. For extra softness, try O’right Purple Rose Oil, which repairs the cuticles and leaves your hair feeling smooth and strong, without making it feel greasy.

The Golden Rose range is also a great choice for coloured hair. Formulated with golden rose essential oil and wasabi extract, the shampoo and conditioner will enhance your hair’s radiance and elasticity to leave it feeling lustrous.

My hair is fine and flat, which O’right products can I use to boost volume?

O’right’s Goji Berry range is ideal for locks that are a little bit lifeless! Featuring a shampoo, conditioner and a volumising cream, the products will revitalise lacklustre hair, leaving it full of body and bounce. The Goji Berry range is perfect for anyone who’s looking for fuller and thicker hair.

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