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Created in 2007, Shiffa is the brainchild of Dr. Lamees Hamdan. Combining carefully sourced, exotic ingredients to create the only luxury organic skincare brand founded by a doctor, Shiffa is one of the most prestigious spa brands in the Middle East, and is championed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who has talked about using and loving the pregnancy oil, which was the first product Dr. Lamees created for Shiffa out of personal necessity to use throughout her own pregnancy.

Shiffa means ‘healing’ or ‘to heal’ in Arabic, and the brand aim to create products that work effectively for mind, body and wellbeing. Inspired by ancient Arabia, Shiffa encourages complete indulgence. The ingredients used in Shiffa’s products are derived from exotic destinations, and they are proven to heal and transform the skin. Healing essence with Date Extract, Marine Ferment and Algae Blend work together for powerful results.

What Is Shiffa Date Ferment Extract?

Dates are one of the oldest fruit crops. Rich in minerals and vitamins, they are super nourishing. Date extract contains 7 compounds that work together to help delay visible signs of ageing, by eliminating toxins and increasing type 1 collagen which keeps the skin plump and firm.

What Is Shiffa Eco Red Seaweed?

Shiffa Algae is harvested from the rich ocean waters and hand-picked for optimum selection. The seaweed is then sundried and an extract is obtained. Red Algae has been shown to help revitalise stressed skin, fighting against redness and uneven skin tone, stimulating the barrier to give skin a smooth, soft appearance.

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