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Founded in 2011, Velour Lashes was created to provide women with beautiful, luxury eyelashes. Celebrities across the world have fallen in love with Velour Lashes and loyal wearers include Beyoncé and Demi Lovato! If they’re good enough for Beyoncé, they’re good enough for us! 
100% cruelty free, Velour Lashes are the original creators of 100% authentic mink hair lashes and each pair is handmade to achieve the highest quality possible. Hairs are collected from free-range zoos during the shedding seasons, ensuring they are completely cruelty-free with no harm done to animals. Made with a cotton thread lash band, strips are flexible and incredibly easy to apply. 

The Benefits of Mink Lashes

Natural and lightweight, Velour mink lashes are incredibly comfortable to wear. Strands are ultra-fine with tapered ends so lashes blend perfectly with your natural eyelashes, making it virtually impossible to distinguish between the two. Nobody will ever know you’re wearing them! They also curl easily like human hair, holding their shape and form use after use. Compared to synthetic lashes which have an average lifespan of 4-5 uses, Velour mink lashes last 5x longer and can be used up to 25 times with proper care. You’ll have fluttery, gorgeous looking lashes perfect for any occasion! 

Which Lashes Do I Choose?

For a subtle daytime look, we recommend ‘Bare Naked’ or ‘Are Those Real?’ as they add some extra definition without being too flashy. To create a more dramatic look, ‘Skin to Skin’ and ‘Lash in the City’ are the perfect options and look amazing paired with a smokey eye. Pop on a pair of ‘Lash at First Sight’ on your bottom lid to accentuate your lower lashes too if you’re feeling even more daring, they’re great for a date or a night out!

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