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Hair brushes are an integral part of your beauty and haircare routine, however, it is easy to overlook hair brushes in favour of the latest styling product or colouring invention. Nonetheless, taking time to understand which hair brush is correct for your hair type can be just as beneficial for your hair as applying a hair oil or mask. In fact, brushing your hair can actually nourish your locks, as the motion of combing conditions and strengthens each tress. This is why it is super important that you invest in a hair brush that is designed for your hair type to prevent breakage and encourage more good hair days! Keep reading to discover everything that you need to know about the different types of hair brushes that are available here on HQhair.

Do I Really Need More Than One Type Of Hair Brush? 

Very simply, the answer is yes. Just like you need different types of skincare and makeup products, you also need to invest in different hair brushes for your varying styling needs. For example, the brush that you use whilst blow drying your hair should be different to the one that you choose to detangle your hair with. Read below to discover the six hair brushes that you should add to your haircare routine.

Seven Hair Brushes That You Need To Try 

1. Natural Bristle Hair Brush

Natural Bristles such as those on the GHD Natural Bristle Radial Brush where the first type of brushes to hit the market back in 1870. Designed to allow you to achieve a salon-worthy finish, the GHD Natural Bristle Radial Brush works to create a voluminous lift from the root when styling. The Natural Bristles provide a smoother finish whilst the 28mm barrel makes it suitable for both longer and shorter styles. 

2. Sculpting Brush

Suitable for any hair type, a sculpting brush can be used to sculpt and style the hair and finish off any look. Another benefit of a sculpting hair brush is the fact that it can be used on both wet and dry hair, this means that if you find blow drying your hair with a barrel brush a little difficult, then you can swap for this style of tool. Try the Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush and discover the versatility of this unique brush. 

3. Thermal Brush

Perfect for thick, fine, coarse, straight or curly hair, a thermal brush is suitable for almost every hair type. The Diva Professional Styling Radiant Shine Ionic Thermal Heated Brush mimics the results of a professional blow dry and adds lift, texture and volume. With this two-in-one product, you are able to cut down on both drying and styling time, whilst creating a smooth yet voluminous look.

4. Tangle Teezer

Specifically designed to detangle knots from hair whether wet or dry, the brand Tangle Teezer have established a new category of hairbrushes in recent years with their innovative 
two-tiered teeth system technology. This brush works incredibly well on thick hair due to its super firm bristles and their ability to brush through any tangles, however, the diverse brush can be used on any hair type. 

5. Barrel Brush 

Due to the round shaping and ultra-firm, this brush is incredible easy to move through hair, making this style of brush ideal for heat-styling on both wet and dry hair. The  Moroccanoil Ceramic Barrel Brush 35mm is a great barrel brush to invest in, due to it's strong and durable design. Expected to last twice as long as a standard brush, this hair tool is the perfect addition to any hair styling collection!

6. Teasing Brush 

Crafted with different levels of staggered bristles, a teasing brush is perfect for those who want to add lift and volume to their hair. For optimum results, gently backcomb your hair with the brush, before smoothing that hair down for a flawless finish. The  Pro BlVolumizeME is specifically designed to backcomb hair without causing any breakage or damage. 

7. Paddle Brush 

A paddle brush is ideal for those who want to brush through a good section of hair each time. The Kent AH13W Airheadz Medium Pure Bristle Paddle Hair Brush - White is an effective paddle brush that detangles hair extremely quickly. Ideal for curly hair, the wide set bristles will tame frizz without breaking the hair's natural pattern and therefore loosening the curl. 

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