There is nothing worse than feeling drained or restless and it’s essential to invest in your health for glowing confidence. It’s just as important to look after what is on the inside as well as what is on the outside! From teeth whitening to stress relief, our healthy living range here at HQhair has everything you could possibly need to feel beautiful inside and out.

Including supplements from Imedeen and Fountain, hair loss help from Nanogen, Kerastase and Grow Gorgeous along with sleep solutions and weight loss products from top brands such as Bliss and iWhite, you’ll be looking and feeling gorgeous from head to toe!

If stress is beginning to affect your quality of life, This Works and Neom have solutions from pillow sprays to bath salts, for long baths to unwind to comforting and refreshing sleep. The HQhair girls have tried them all to provide you with the most effective healthy living products!