Lip Treatments

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Often overlooked, lips are one of the most delicate areas of the skin. Make sure to protect your lips from everyday environmental pollutants with our range of hydrating specialist lip treatments from the likes of Elemis, Caudalie and Murad. Our range includes a variety of products including: lip butters and lip balms, ideal for chapped lips; as well as lip tints and anti-ageing lip treatments to secure youthful lips for longer.

The season’s take their toll on our lips so it’s our job to take action and protect them from getting damaged. Winter comes with chapping results, exposed to cold air your lips begin to lose moisture whilst the wind leaves them dry. That’s when they begin to chap and get sore, counteract this with a moisturising lip balm that conditions and adds nourishment to your lips. Summer months bring your lips just as much grief, dry spells and exposure to harmful UV rays mean that damage could be had without you even knowing. Protect them with lip balms and creams containing essential SPF protection whilst they moisturise and nourish lips to leave them looking full and smooth.

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