For those of us who suffer from blemish based, problem prone areas that really take a carefully crafted skincare regime to remove, we may just have what you’ve been looking for. Seen as pay day is here and every girl wants some inspiration as to how best to spend her cash, we have put together a splurge vs save, acne attack, blemish busting skincare selection. So go ahead and take your pick of our favourite acne solutions that suit your budget, whether you want a luxurious, pore minimising Glamglow Mud Mask or you simply want to target those blemishes head on with an on the spot treatment stick just check out our acne-edit and find the right skincare solution for you.

The Cleansers

Spend vs Splurge Acne Cleanser Solutions

Splurge – Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Deep Cleanse £21.00

This little treat from Ole Henriksen is an Aloe Vera based cleanser that can be used both day and night to really give your skin a deep clean whilst minimising the chances of breakout. The beauty of this acne cleanser is that it is lovely and foaming, so build up a lather with this treat and tackle those blackheads from the get go. Although a little more pricey than the Bliss alternative, the Ole Henriksen cleanser is hugely popular in the industry with insiders often raving about its ability to leave your skin feeling soft and subtle and not tight or dry, which most acne solution based products tend to do.

Save – Bliss No Zit Sherlock Purifying Cleanser & Toner £8.00

The no ‘sit’ sherlock by Bliss range is loveable, even if just for the name. This 2 in 1 cleanser/toner is a great little skincare routine must, considering its affordable price and easy to use application, 95% of customers saw clearer skin within 31 days*. The key to this products power is it contains Glucoasmine which helps fade post pimple pigmentation and reduces redness. A cost saving winner with us!

The Treatment Gels


Splurge – Phytomer OligoPur Anti-Blemish Target Gel £21.75

This product by Phytomer is a luxury blemish busting god-send. Sometimes blemishes just need to be targeted head on and this treatment gel works best when applied straight to the rough patches of a blackhead, ideally over night for 2-3 days. With any treatment such as this it works by drying out the skin, quick and effectively, so go steady and use when needed but this product is great for helping to reduce the risk of scarring.

Save – Australian Bodycare Spa Range On The Spot Stick £6.00

This little tea tree gel on the spot formula is an affordable make-up bag must. This witch hazel formula will banish blemishes right there and then and reduce bacteria on the problem area. The only weakness of this treatment gel is the smell, it can be slightly overpowering, but for the price, who’s grumbling?

The Serums

Sunday Riley Elemis Acne Serums

Splurge – Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum £85

Now we know this serum from Sunday Riley doesn’t come cheap but this product is the new kid on the block and everyone is talking about it. Bar the fact the title says it all, after all who doesn’t lust for good genes? This little pot of skincare serum goodness does everything you could ever want, it really is a skin saver, particularly for those who suffer from acne exposed skin. This multi-purpose serum leaves your skin feeling smooth, clear and toned, containing a variety of unique ingredients that aim to target the effects of harsh environmental factors it also helps to heal scar tissue, a must for any acne prone skin! It’s best applied in a thick layer to cleansed skin, leave for 5-10 minutes and be wowed at your young, clear, acne free skin! We can’t get enough of this luxurious skin saving pot so indulge this pay day and enjoy!

Save – Elemis Fresh Skin Clear Overnight Serum £18

An alternative skin saving serum is the Elemis Overnight Serum, this says goodnight to spots when applied every night before bed, working over night to reduce the appearance of pores and improve skin clarity. It may not promise ten years off your skin but for the price it’s definitely a great addition to your skincare routine, this product is particularly good at reducing the appearance of redness around spots which often makes them appear more prominent than they are. Customers enjoy the serums texture and scent, saying it definitely improved the appearance of blemishes after only 2 weeks of use!

The Masks


Splurge – Glamglow Mud mask and Treatment Duo £89.98

Give your skin the Hollywood treatment with this Mud Mask from GlamGlow, created exclusively for celebrities this luxurious mask hit the main stream market and has sky rocketed in popularity ever since. This is the ultimate treatment mask for flawless, on-set ready skin that minimises pores and creates an even, glowing skin. Use the Super-Mud Clearing Treatment to particularly banish blemishes and brighten your skin, together the duo work their magic and will leave you feeling A-List and acne free!

Save – Elemis Fresh Skin Mask Duo £15

An affordable duo that contains both a deep clean purifying face mask and a magical moisture quenching mask. The Deep Clean mask is there to draw out your impurities whilst the Moisture Mask contains white lupin, arctic cranberry seed oil and apple extract to give your skin a moisture boost. This is ideal for acne prone skin as it tends to be much dryer, particularly after using any on the spot treatment gels. This sachet based selection makes it easier to see how much you should be using every application and prevents you from over or underusing it, the pack gives enough for 6 applications which is brilliant for the price.

All of our splurge vs save acne necessities are available from our Acne Shop at HQhair, simply follow the links and enjoy the benefits of acne free skin, whatever your budget.


*quantitative results reported from independent clinical study, when using the 3 step no ‘zit’ sherlock acne system including the cleanser+toner, correcting serum and oil control moisturiser; individual results may vary.

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