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At the end of 20122, Playboy named the 50 most iconic blondes of all time, including Jayne Mansfield, Mae West, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Harlow, Christie Brinkley and of course the ultimate blonde, Marilyn Monroe. Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but does the damage that goes with being a high maintenance blonde; the continuous colouring, styling and exposure to UV rays, cause them to marry brunettes?

Introducing the NEW Blonde system from Paul Mitchell – a new icon in hair. The first system from Paul Mitchell specifically designed to care for all blonde; from Mae West platinum to the honeyed locks of Brigitte Bardot, these protein packed products are guaranteed to make any blonde shine.

Platinum Blonde Shampoo

Brighten blonde, grey or white hair. For a natural and colour treated blondes who want to keep their cool. Softens strands and adds shine. Banishes brassiness and brings out the best in blonde, white and silver hair

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Forever Blonde Shampoo

Sulfate Free, Keractive Repair

This sulfate free shampoo helps soften and strengthen as it cleanses. Our exclusive KerActive protein hugs every strand to guard against breakage, while Safflower olesomes help restore lost moisture and elasticity. Special botanicals including turmeric, chamomile and lemon peel help to keep blonde hues light and bright.

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Forever Blonde Conditioner

Intense Hydration, Keractive Repair

Give fragile blonde hair the moisture and strength it needs every day, while subtly brightening blonde and highlighted hues. Rich conditioners, including macadamia nut oil and Safflower oleosomes, deliver hydration right into the hair shaft for improved elasticity, softness and shine. KerActive protein hugs every strand to protect, smooth and help repair damage.

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Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair

Keractive Damage Recovery

Treat fragile blonde hair and help restore health and vitality in an instant. Loaded with Safflower oleosomes, macadamia nut oil and our exclusive KerActive protein, this multi-tasking corrector soothes and replenishes dry, depleted hair as it helps strengthen and seal the cuticle.

Safflower Oloeomes

Oleosome molecules are smaller than lipids, penetrating deeper into the hair shaft towards the cortex adding intense shine throughout.

The Oleosomes break down gradually releasing more vitamin E rich lipids and protein over time, keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy, shine and hydrated for longer.


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