UntitledSo, Valentine’s Day is looming and there’s two ways this can go. WHAT am I going to wear for my date night…or…WHAT am I going to wear for my mate night? We don’t care whether you’re a lover or a hater this V-Day, there are no excuses for bad garms or make-up and nails that ain’t on fleek. So, if it’s straight chilling with your squad for your #PLTMateNight or getting dolled up and ready to go for your #PLTDateNight, here’s your guide to looking killer! With love from the team at Pretty Little Thing.


We know you don’t need a date for V-Day. Forget the hype and say “see yaaaa” to romance and get cosied up with your best girls and have a giggle. Mate Nights are all about your pals whether you go out or stay in, but let’s face it, there’s nothing more fun than getting in your PJ’s and having a gossip with your gals while you wait for your BAE to arrive…and by BAE we mean the pizza delivery guy. Duh.

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It ain’t a slumber party without a little pamper session. So gather your gals and get your pamper on with the Grow Gorgeous 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque – perfect for nourishing your scalp and stimulating hair growth. Set up your own nail bar and get creative with Essie, and the final step of a serious pamper sesh? A face mask of course! Bliss have a Multi-‘Face’-Edted Mask which comes in single sachets, perfect for a gals night in! Remember that Pizza delivery guy we mentioned earlier? You get extra brownie points if you answer the door to him with these masks on too!

Going on a #PLTDateNight instead? Head over to the Pretty Little Thing blog to see what we recommend! 

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