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Behind The Scenes With KMS: Get The Look

This month, HQhair turns 18. Yep, that’s right we’re officially going to be an adult! So, we decided that we would celebrate with photo shoot with two of the hottest bloggers around right now: Heather, AKA sugarpea_  and Lima, who founded the blog Fashionicide. Technically, HQhair is a ’90s baby (founded in 1999), so we took inspiration from ’90s hair and beauty trends, meaning that the shoot was filled with lots of colour, lashings of glitter and of course, plenty of girl power!

On the day of the shoot, the mega babes from KMS helped us to create the most amazing hair styles, which we were completely obsessed with. So obsessed, in fact, that we decided to put together this blog post to help you recreate the looks! So whether you’ve got a birthday party, or perhaps you’re just looking to experiment with a completely new style, you can find all the inspiration that you need right here on the #HQHUB.


Blue Space Buns

Heather’s hair screamed party vibes! Her full, voluminous curls partnered with plaited space buns was enough to give us complete and utter hair envy… But not to worry, as you can get your hands on all of the products that were used right here on HQhair.

In order to recreate Heather’s style for yourself, it is always best to start with a clean and fresh base. So, start with rinsing your hair and ensure that it is thoroughly wet before applying KMS’ MoistRepair Shampoo. Concentrate on your scalp, lathering the product with stroking motions, then work the shampoo down to the ends of your hair. Once your hair is properly cleansed and revitalised, add KMS’ Moisture Repair Conditioner to your freshly shampooed locks. This replenishing product will help to restore your hair’s natural shine, making sure that your hair looks healthy and glossy!

Following this, towel dry your hair and then add KMS’ AddVolume Liquid Dust. Just a small amount of this amazing product will help you to achieve big and voluminous hair! Use the Pro Blo CurlME Deluxe and leave the brushes in until your hair has completely cooled. To ensure that the curls stay big and bouncy, spritz the waves with KMS Hairstay Working Hairspray.

To put a ’90s twist on this glam style, section your hair into quarters and plait two dutch braids starting from your hairline, working back to the crown. Once you have secured the plaits in place with an Invisibobble, backcomb the pigtails before wrapping them round into mini space buns.


Glossy Lids

Lima’s look was literally everything. To compliment her deep, dark lip, we kept her hair relatively simple with natural-looking texture, a few curls and some small plaits. Want to steal her look? Well, we got the low down from KMS so that you can recreate this style within the comfort of your own bedroom!

If, like Lima, your hair has been lightened or perhaps you have highlights, use the KMS Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo to reduce the any brassiness or visible signs of yellowing. Then, apply the KMS Color Vitality Blonde Conditioner to your freshly shampooed locks to illuminate your hair’s blonde tones and provide your hair with ultimate hydration.

Once your hair has been cleansed and conditioned, towel dry your hair and then apply the KMS AddVolume Texture Crème, starting from your roots and working the product right through to the tips. This unique crème is infused with Calcium Sulphate and is therefore able to visibly plump each fiber to give your hair a thick and full-bodied appearance. This product works tirelessly for up to 72 hours, so that your hair stays full and lifted, no matter how long you party! Once you’ve applied this crème, leave your hair to naturally dry and then use the KMS HairPlay Playable Texture for maximum, but also moveable texture.

To add a little bit of glam to this hairstyle, add a few curls with ghd’s Curve Classic Wave Wand (38mm-26mm), then finish off the look with the odd little plait… And voila, you’re party ready!

A massive thank you to stylists Keely Holt from MOD salons and Emma Bradshaw from Nicola Smyth salon (both part of the KMS Artist Network) who created these amazing hairstyles!




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