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Party Makeup: How To Wear Dark Lipstick

As you probably know, HQhair is turning 18 this April and that means that all we are thinking about ATM is what makeup look we want to slay at our party! Although the gals here at HQhair think that you should be able to rock a dark lip whether its day or night, most people usually save a bold lip for the evening. In fact, quite a lot of gals seem to find a dark lip a little intimidating… So we’re here to change that! Whether you’re a bold lip beginner or an absolute pro who’s just looking for some top tips, then we have every trick in the book that you need to know about preparing, applying and maintaining that luscious, dark lip right here on the #HQHUB.

Smooth talk

One thing is for sure, if you’re going to be wearing a dark lipstick then you’ve got to prep those lips. For whatever reason, dark lipstick seems reveal the signs of flaking, dry lips just that little bit more than a nude shade. So, you’ve got to make sure that your lippy routine starts with exfoliation. Use bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub to buff away any chapped skin to ensure that your lips are left feeling smooth and soft. Simply pop a lip balm on top to keep your lips moisturised, allowing your dark lippy to stay in place for longer!


Line the lips

If you’ve worn a dark lippy before then you’ll know that bleeding is likely (don’t get scared – we mean that your lipstick may start to slightly run into your foundation!) To ensure that this does not happen, all that you have to do is invest in a lip liner! OCC’s Cosmetic Colour Pencil in Black Dahlia is always a good option. Not only will lining your lips prevent your lippy from bleeding, but it will also provide you with a clear barrier to work within, making sure that you don’t go too OTT and end up applying your lipstick outside of the lines.

Let your lips do the talking

It seems that one of the reasons why people fear dark lipstick is because they’re worried that their makeup may just look a bit too much. Our top tip for avoiding this is “let your lips do the talking”. Instead, partner your bold lip with a simple winged eye. The Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner is perfect for those who want a mistake-free application, allowing your wing to be sharp and you to stay fierce!

Different shade, same rules

Just because your lipstick is a darker shade, doesn’t mean that all lippy rules go out of the window! If you wanna make your lips look bigger, then simply follow the same steps that you would with a nude lipstick; line your lips with a darker shade, then create an ombré effect with a slightly slighter colour and blend with a fluffy brush (we love the OCC Large Shader Brush for this!). If you need a bit more assistance, then simply check out our #HQBeautyHack tutorial here!

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Dark Luxe Makeup


Wanna know how we would rock a dark lip? Well, we’d start off with the High Definition Fluid Foundation. This full coverage foundation leaves us with a flawless finish that lasts all night long! We’d then dust our eyes with OCC’s Loose Colour Concentrate Eye Shadow in the shade Overlook. We’d keep it simple and only apply mascara to our lashes, letting this deep plum shimmer take the spotlight! Then, we’d finish off with the Illamasqua Anti Matter Lipstick in the shade Energy. This is the perfect purple that screams party vibes!

Will you be rocking a dark lip for a night out or a party? Let us know over on our Twitter!



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