Kenneth Soh, aka Über amazing make-up artist to the worlds top fashion mags, celebs and super-models has declared his love for Alpha H, loud and proud to HQhair!

“Alpha-H gives immediate dramatic results to ensure beautiful skin, it means I can have the perfect canvas every time I do someone’s make-up.”

And could their possibly be anything more important to a make-up artist than a flawless face to work with? Having worked with the likes of Daisy Lowe, Leona Lewis and Linda Evangelista and on blockbuster campaigns for Vivienne Westwood and LO’real Kenneth is certainly no amateur, and with such high-profile clients Kenneth certainly needs to be able to rely on his tools:

“The difference with Alpha-H is that it just works, instantly and consistently.”

For more information about what Alpha H can do for you, click here

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Edward Jones

Edward Jones

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