Workout Beauty Essentials

Workout Beauty Essentials

We’ve been talking about all things fitness this week at HQhair, from the 7 Fitness Instagrammers We’re Totally Obsessed With, to 5 Fun Workouts To Try This Year. When it comes to hitting the gym or an exercise class, we’ve learnt that it is pretty darn important to take care of your skin at the same time.

As you exercise, you tend to sweat (or glow, as we like to say..). If your skin isn’t clean or you still have make-up on, your pores can get pretty blocked up and cause breakouts, blackheads etc. We’ve put together a list of Workout Beauty Essentials so you can make sure your skin is in tip-top condition while you’re working on your hot-bod!

Workout Beauty Essentials

All of the girls at HQhair are TOTALLY obsessed with this Gym Kit from Mio Skincare. Containing 10 Clean Slate Workout Wipes that are suitable for face, body and intimate areas and fragranced with energising cucumber and mint, along with the Workout Wonder Gel which is a post workout invigorating muscle gel, all packaged in a waterproof bag, this kit is our absolute MUST have for hitting the gym.

They say you can tell a girl means business when the hair tie comes out and her hair goes up, and when she has an invisibobble Power Hair Tie around her wrist, there is no denying that some serious business is about to go down. Invisibobble provide a strong, no snag up-do, without those annoying kinks and headaches.

Get your skincare sorted in one perfectly packaged kit, with Bliss' Triple Oxygen Ready, Set, Glow set! Containing four incredible skincare heroes from their Triple Oxygen range packaged up in a handy little bag, we're throwing this straight into our gym bag! Use the Cleansing Foam after your workout to wash all that hard work off, then relax at home using the Instant Energising Foaming Face Mask.

If you're a swimmer, you might notice that Chlorine and salt water can take it's toll on your hair and cause dryness and damage. The Swimcap Cream from Philip Kingsley is water resistant and blocks out any harmful UV rays that could cause discolouration and colour fade. Simply dampen your hair and apply the Swimcap in sections, comb through and hop into the pool! Bonus - the Swimcap will also act as a super conditioning hair mask too!

Add a spritz of refreshment and energy to your skin with Ole Henriksen's Truth Facial Water Mist. This specially formulated blend of botanical extracts, essential nutrients and aromatherapy oils will help address any signs of ageing, rejuvenate and flush out toxins. Spritz this onto your face mid-workout for an extra boost of energy!

Before you work out you should always remove makeup so that your skin can breath and sweat properly (we know, that sounds gross but it's SO true!). The Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes deeply cleanse the skin, unclogging pores and eliminating dirt and makeup so you can be sure your skin is fresh and clean!

What essentials are in your gym bag? Let us know over on Instagram & Twitter!



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