11 Stages Of Bank Holiday Weekend Planning

FINALLY! Easter Bank Holiday Weekend is here. It’s the first bank holiday of the year and we’ve been waiting since Christmas for this. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been planning your activities over the past few weeks, group chats are at their prime and relevant time has been booked off work to make the most of the long weekend. We know the dedication and focus needed to execute these plans, and how it feels when the plan comes together. Here’s the 11 stages of bank holiday weekend planning we can all relate to!


  1. Creating The Group Chat

    You’ve taken on the responsibility of creating the group chat.The power is in your hands. The stress is real. What do you name the chat? What emoji’s represent this group of humans? Who makes the cut?


    You create a witty name and invite the squad, then send out the first message to get a plan together. Replies include: “YAAAAS!!” and “TEAM!” You have done well. Give that hair a flick, Beyonce Style.

  3. Going OFF!!

    This chat is seriously going off! You forgot how funny your friends are when they’re all in one place. Seriously, this is hilarious and you cannot deal.

  4. Plans Start Forming

    In between the jokes, screenshots and laughing fits, a plan finally starts forming. You feel like some kind of genius mastermind. This was all down to you.

  5. The Countdown Begins

    You start counting down as though it’s the biggest event of your life. Time couldn’t move any slower than this. How is there still a whole week to go?!

  6. The Panic Starts To Kick In

    What if the plan doesn’t come together? What if my suggestion ends up being really boring? What if no one has fun?!

  7. The Flaky Friend Drops Out

    But then you were all expecting that. Move on. Your plans are not ruined.

  8. The Day Has Arrived

    And your parents just asked you to have family time… on bank holiday weekend. IS THIS A JOKE?!

  9. It’s Time To Get Ready

    You gave your parents your best strong independent woman speech and you’re off the hook. You go and pick your best friend up and the party begins the moment she gets into your car. Tonight is going to be SO fun

  10. You Pulled It Off!

    Everyone is having the best night, and you’ll all be talking about this for the foreseeable future. There isn’t an empty glass in sight and everyone is smiling. Well done you. Take a bow.

  11. The Post-Event Blues Begin…

    That’s it, it’s over. How did it all go so fast? It only seems like yesterday that you created that genius group chat. What now?

What are your Bank Holiday Plans? Don’t get post-bank holiday blues, grab yourself some bargains in our Easter Bank Holiday Sale!



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