The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

We all know that party planning can be stressful and sometimes leave you feeling a little flustered, so that’s why the gals at HQhair have put together the ultimate party planning checklist to ensure that you feel properly prepped for any parties that you have planned. Remember, organisation is key!

Party Makeup Glitter


Firstly, you’ve got to think about who you want to attend your big birthday bash. It can be so easy to get carried away when it comes to invitations, so try to keep your list short and sweet. You could just send out a text to chosen invitees, or you can actually buy the invitations and write them up yourself (throwback to the good old schools days!) Writing up invitations is actually quite therapeutic if you do it in the correct setting. We’d suggest putting on your pyjamas and lighting your Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Candle. Infused with the natural essences of lavender and mint, this uh-mazing candle will release a zen-like aroma and leave you feeling extremely relaxed. Once you’ve sent out the invitations, remember to keep a note of who’s coming and who can’t make it, this way you’ll be able to properly prep and ensure that your stress levels remain low.

The Perfect Playlist

And now for maybe the most important part of the whole party… The playlist! We’d definitely suggest to treat the playlist as a work in progress and add to your collection of songs day-by-day. This way, you won’t forget about that one throw back tune that you love! Whenever you hear a song that you love, perhaps on the way to work or whilst you’re in one of your favourite shops, remember to make a note of the song title and remind yourself to later add it onto the playlist. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, for ultimate party vibes think Beyoncé, Zara Larrson and a little bit of Little Mix! Treat yourself to a singalong the night before; put on GLAMGLOW’s Supermud Mask and sing your heart out to the playlist to make sure that it’s party perfect.

Prep and Pamper

It’s always a good idea to indulge in a pamper the night before a big party to ensure that both your skin and hair are properly primed and prepped. Although a face and hair mask are usually involved in our pamper routines, we’ve very recently added another step with Grow Gorgeous’ brand new Scalp Detox. The gals at HQhair have been lucky enough to try this amazing product and OMG, we are already hooked! This pre-wash treatment will gently exfoliate the scalp, providing it with a deep and intensive clean. Not only does this leave your scalp feeling super fresh, but it also provides the roots of your hair with an ideal environment for hair growth! Trust us, this product is a must-have for a pamper night!

Get Your Glam On

And now for, in our opinion, the most exciting part of our party prep checklist… Makeup! Obviously, when we’re organising a party, we are always going to be thinking about what makeup look we are going to slay on the night. We usually plan our makeup with inspiration from our favourite Youtubers and Instagrammers, including Nicole Guerriero and the mega babe that is Fashionicide. When it comes to party makeup, you can definitely experiment and produce a look that is much more bold than your usual day-to-day. For makeup that is bright and striking, HQhair have a number of brands that will help you to create a look that will make you turn heads! We now even stock the amazing benefit Cosmetics. One of our absolute favourites from this range is benefit’s Hoola because of its diversity, it can basically be used with any look!


Pre-pack your clutch bag

There is nothing worse than rushing around your bedroom frantically trying to find your purse, phone and any other last minute bits that you may want for your party. So, one of our top tips for keeping prepped and properly planned is to pre-pack your clutch bag! Perhaps this sounds a little too organised, but trust us, it works. The night before, simply gather any items that you may need and pop them into your bag to avoid the last minute dash. Make sure that you pack your phone for some slayin’ selfies, a lippy for any touch ups and, of course, a hairbrush to ensure that your locks stay silky and smooth. At the moment, we’re obsessed with Tangle Teezer’s Compact Stylers in collaboration with one of London’s most-loved fashion accessories designers, Skinny Dip. Not only are these hairbrushes a convenient size and completely clutch bag friendly, but they are also covered in super cute flamingo prints – which just scream summer vibes! Even better, these brushes will provide you with on-the-go detangling without pulling or tugging your hair; where the compact stylers’ longer teeth will remove knots and reduce breakage, the shorter teeth smooth the hair cuticle. A must-have for any clutch bag!

Party Hard

Now that you’ve prepped and followed our ultimate party planning checklist, it’s time to party! You’ve sent out your invites, prepped your playlist, had a pamper, decided on your makeup look and pre-packed your clutch bag… There’s nothing else left to do but go out and enjoy yourself.

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