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Behind The Scenes With High Definition: Get The Look

As we are sure that you are all aware by now, this month HQhair turns 18, so we decide to celebrate with two of the hottest bloggers on the planet: Fashionicide and Sugarpea. When it came to makeup, we wanted big, bold and beautiful, so obviously we just had to ask the mega babes from High Definition to come and work their magic!

Girls wearing High Definition makeup

We were completely crushin’ over the looks which High Definition’s lead makeup artist, Rachael Keeley, created. So much, in fact, that we decided to put together a step-by-step tutorial so that you could recreate these looks for yourselves at home! Rachael described these two makeovers as “High Definition with a twist“, so if you’ve got a birthday party coming up, or perhaps a night out where you want to experiment with your look, then keep reading as we tell you how you can get your makeup looking just like Fashionicide’s and Sugarpea’s. And remember, you can get all of the products right here on HQhair! Shop the Birthday Edit here.

Get Sugarpea’s look

Girl wearing High Definition makeup

Step 1: It’s all about that base

To achieve flawless base just like Sugarpea’s, start with the High Definition Fluid Foundation. This creamy formula will not only provide you full-coverage, but it will also reduce shine and any signs of visible imperfections. To achieve an airbrushed finish, apply with a buffer brush, dragging the product down the jawline and onto your neck to avoid any give-away lines.

Step 2: Brows on fleek

In order to create Sugarpea’s defined, yet fluffy brow, use a combination of High Definition’s Eye and Brow Palette in ‘Foxy’ then finish with the Lash and Brow Booster. Start with the palette, picking up your preferred shade of powder with the small angled brush. Apply in small sweeping motions, creating faded lines that imitate individual hairs and therefore make your brows appear thicker. To protect your brows, finish with a coating of the Lash and Brow Booster. Enriched with active ingredients like Argan Oil, this uh-mazing product will help to stimulate regrowth and help enhance volume.

Step 3: Get your Contour on

It’s time to cover and contour with the Powder Foundation Pro Palette! This versatile product contains a range of shades that you can use to highlight and contour. The powders in this palette will also provide you with additional coverage, so you can be assured that your face will be left looking utterly flawless. To warm up your skin tone, use the High Definition Complexion Essentials. The bronzer will provide your skin with a sun-kissed finish, whilst the blush will give the apples of your cheeks a flushed appearance.

Step 4: Finishing touches

Once your base is complete, create a super cool blue wing with the PÜR 2-in-1 Double Ego Dual Ended Eyeliner. Then, in the places that you would usually highlight, add OCC’s Cosmetic Glitter… And voila! You’re officially party-ready.

Get Fashionicide’s look

Girl Wearing High Definition Makeup

Step 1: The best base

Just like Sugarpea, Fashionicide’s base was completely flawless and that was due to the High Definition Fluid Foundation. Apply this product with a sponge or brush of your choice, building the foundation in layers until you achieve your desired coverage. One of the benefits of this formula is its longevity, so no matter how long or hard you party, you can be assured that your base will stay intact!

Step 2: Sculpt and Glow

To ensure that Fachionicide felt picture perfect, we then contoured with the Powder Foundation Pro Palette. Steal her look by picking up some of the product with a soft, angled brush and apply to the underneath of your cheekbone. In sweeping motions, build up a natural-looking shadow to the hallows of your cheeks to enhance your face’s natural shape, then sweep a little product to the underneath of your jawline to create a chissled effect. Follow with the High Definition Bronzer, buffing in the product to blend the contour seamlessly.

Step 3: Brow game strong

Make sure that your brows look fleeky with the High Definition Browtec. With this ultra-slim pencil, start to sketch out the basic shape of your brow. Once you’re happy with the overall style, start to fill in any sparse areas by lightly drawing small lines to create the impression of more hairs. To make sure that the brows stay completely in place, fix your brows with Colourfix!

Step 4: Graphic Liner

Fashionicide’s eyeliner skills are crazy! We have never seen anyone with the ability to draw such clean, sharp wings, so she took the reigns when it came to her liner and created this uh-mazing graphic look. We were obsessed. To recreate this liner yourself, use the High Definition Duo Gel Liner. Simply glide the water resistant gel across your lid with a liner brush and then clear up any mistakes with a bit of concealer. Add some OCC Cosmetic Glitter to your lips and the corner of your inner eyes, then you’re ready to go!


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