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How To Fake Tan Like A Pro

When it comes to summer, there is no better feeling than coming back from a two week holiday glowing and glistening with a beautifully bronzed tan. However, the gals here at HQhair know full well that you can’t always fit in a long getaway each year, so you can some times been left feeling a little pasty…. Especially when your BFF comes back from her hols looking like a golden goddess. Grrrrr. So, sometimes in summer we have no option but to embrace a faux tan. When it comes to false tanning, we have learnt that if you don’t apply the tan properly, you can be left looking patchy and well, slightly on the orange side. We now know that it’s all about the technique and the products that you use. If you want to discover how to fake tan like a pro and get everybody thinking that you’ve just stepped off the plane from a holiday abroad, then keep reading….

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How to fake tan like a pro

How To Fake Tan Like A Pro With HQhair:

Learn how to fake tan like a pro with HQhair’s ultimate fake tanning routine, from preppin’ the skin to maintaining your tan.

Step 1: Preppin’ Is Key

Preppin’ your skin for a fake tan application is probably the most important step in the whole tanning routine. If you skip this part, then you’ll end up with product sticking to the dry patches of your skin, making your tan look a little patchy. When it comes to tanning, if the base is good, then your tan is going to look great – it’s that simple! The first step of your tanning routine should be to remove any hair a day or so prior to tanning. This will give your pores time to close and prevent the tan from sitting into them, making your tan appear much more natural. On the day of tanning, make sure that you pop in the shower to remove any soaps or deodorant from your skin that could cause the tan to discolour. Whilst you’re showering, take time to exfoliate! We personally love the Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub in Vanilla. Not only does this uh-mazing scrub gently exfoliate the skin, but it also reduces the appearance of both stretch marks and cellulite. Once you’ve got out of the shower, apply the Bliss Vanilla and Bergamot Body Butter to any dry areas, like your elbows, knees, hands and feet.

Top tip: If you’re wanting to remove any pre-existing from a previous application, use lemon juice to fade any pesky remains.

Step 2: It’s Tan Time

Once you’ve primed and prepped your skin, it’s time to choose your tan! If you’re a tanning expert then you may opt for a lotion or a spray. But, if you’re at beginners level, then a mousse may be a better option as it’s much easier to control and buff into the skin. The Classic Bronzing Mousse from St. Tropez is a perfect tan to use as it includes a colour guard. This means that you can gauge whether your tan is going on evenly in all of the right places. Apply the mousse with a mitt in long sweeping motions, making sure that you buff the product into your skin properly. Once your skin is fully covered, allow the tan to develop from 4-8 hours, dependent on how deep and dark you want your tan. Once this time has passed, shower off the product and reveal a natural-looking, streak-free tan that lasts from 3-5 days.

Top tip: Whilst your tan is developing, wear the Bronzie Classic Jumpsuit. This piece of clothing has been specifically designed to reduce the possibility of tan lines and ensure that your clothes and bedding remain completely fake tan free!

Step 3: Maintaining Your Glow

Perhaps the trickiest part of the entire tanning routine is maintaining your glow and making sure that it stays looking natural. The two main things that you can do to keep your tan looking flawless is light exfoliation and lots of moisturisation. This will prevent your skin from cracking and allowing the tan to flake off. If you want your tan to remain in tact, then also remember to stay away from the sea, swimming pools and hot baths, as the salt, chlorine and steam will remove the tan from your skin. If you find that your tan is fading after a couple of days, simply add a little instant self tan. We love the Skinny Tan Wash Off Tanner for an immediate, sun-kissed glow.

Top tip: When moisturising, opt for an oil-free lotion, as oil enhanced products will actually remove the tan rather than maintain it. The Peter Thomas Roth Oil-Free Moisturizer is a perfect option.



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