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#HQHowTo: Messy Braid Get The Look

Have you ever had those bad hair days where your hair lacked volume, shine and the ability to be styled? If you say you haven’t, we don’t believe you! As much as we hate to admit it, everybody has those days, including us. Here at HQhair we’ve experienced it all, trust us. We know. Rather than letting you making those same mistakes, we’ve provided you with the ultimate messy braid tutorial to have super glam locks in no time!

How To Create The Perfect Messy Braid


  1. Giving your hair a good wash will make all of the difference to the day; try Moroccanoil to give your tresses a superstar pamper treatment! Prepping your hair with a volumising hair product is an essential step; our personal favourite is the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Fine Hair Oil. Make sure to coat the lengths and the ends of your hair but keep your scalp clear – it will produce its own oils.
  2. Dry your hair off with the diffuser attachment on your hair dryer, you’ll naturally get more volume and bounce this way! Your messy braid will then also be super shiny and voluminous. Let’s face it, nobody wants flat tresses! A diffuser also minimises the overall heat damage on your hair – bonus!
  3. To create the super cute messy braid, tease the roots of your hair with a ghd Tail Comb and begin to braid! Pull all of your locks around to one side, split into 3 separate strands and bring the outside left strand to the centre. Repeat with the outside right strand.
  4. Alternating from different sides, keep bringing each strand to the centre until all hair is braided. Use a hair tie to hold in place and you’re almost done! Don’t be afraid to have some loose strands, it’s all part of the messy braid!
  5. Gently pull your braid outwards to slightly loosen the strands. The beauty of this is that you can make it as loose and messy as you like, it doesn’t matter! To ensure your braid holds in place, add a spray of Tigi Bed Head Hairspray and everyone can envy your soft tousled hairstyle all day long!

What do you think of the messy braid? Have you attempted it yet? Let us know over on Twitter and Instagram and tag @HQhair!



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